[thelist] Quick poll: Which mock-up would you choose?

Niklaus Haldimann n.haldimann at derbund.ch
Thu Nov 16 08:45:27 CST 2000

My question was:

Which mock-up would you choose?

Collection you answers ...

aardvark wrote:
>first, make sure you get sign-off from the client that he has deferred 
>selection to you... you don't want to get stuck redoing something 
>because he liked another design better...

Thanks for pointing that out. I will see, if he's willing to do that.

I don't like #2 that much - as most of you, too, it seems. So it's out of
question. Only two left ...

aardvark wrote:
>second, i like #1 because it's got that happy cloud thing... there 
>isn't too much contrast between the nav and the blue, though...
>#3 is more traditional business, more professional, which is why i 
>don't like it as much as #1... needs clouds... and a photo-realistic 
>aircraft... and the nav text is too soft... i do like the way you 
>integrated the stripes of the plane and the banner, though...

#1 needs more contrast, you're right. I'll look into that.

Rob Keninger wrote:
>I personally like number 3. I think it looks more professional than the
>others which feel cramped into the center of the screen. The heading is also
>more readable in number 3.

isaac wrote:
>Go with #3 and #1 mixed together...
>Use the blue/white header/body combo from #3, but fatten the blue header
>slightly. Give it about 15px more above and below the logo.
>Use the plane style from #1 with the clouds from #1.

I thought about mixing #3 and #1. But the problem here is, that the clouds
in that light blue sky are part of the corporate identity, so I can't
really combine the clouds with the other darker blue, which is the one
that's on the planes.

Carole Guevin wrote:
>I would choose the third one but it would look better if you could insert a
>nice pic of the plane instead of an illustration.  I would make the plane
>big enough so it hangs on part of the text area with a shade and in motion
>as if taking off.  Would use the same concept on the different areas/pages
>which would put liveliness and dynamic visual impact on the pages.

Carleen Tracy wrote:
>I am leaning toward #1. The other two are a bit corporate (especially #3).
>This is a nice way to handle standard template pages. The only concern I
>bring up would be the flexibility of the background color. If it's a large
>site with tons of different data that needs to change quickly or be
>generated dynamically, the background color *might* become a problem.

I thought of that. I am indeed going to have to workaround that background
color, since there is a lot of different data to present, but it will work.

Lisa Bartholomew wrote:
>I prefer number 1, looks professional but with some character to it rather
>than the usual corporate sites that always have the bar across the top.
>Personally I don't like the aeroplane either in number 3. The outline
>reminds me of a kids drawing and just doesn't seem to go with the rest of
>the layout.

After reading all your comments and rethinking the whole thing I have
decided to *drumroll* go with #1. It's very calm and simple, yet the blue
sky and the clouds are a great metaphor for an aviation company. #3 is
solid, but too conventional, too corporate, not enough subtle. I will have
to work on the contrast a bit, though, but that cant' be too hard.

Thanks for your valuable input!


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