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Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu Nov 16 12:45:46 CST 2000

At 10:32 AM 11/16/2000, you wrote:
>In my experience with IE (pc), the browser will sometimes ignore the meta,
>cache the page and then pull from the cache even when told to refresh the
>page or "check for newer version" each visit.  This happens regularly when
>I'm checking site updates and I'm forced to clear my cache before
>This happens both with pragma no cache, and a meta tag specifying an
>expiration date far in the past.

This is a known bug in basically ALL versions of IE. According to what I've 
been able to identify is IE has a memory buffer for page loading, that if 
not exceed basically destroys the ability to utilize the expire/no-cache tags.

To "fix it" you need to put a copy of the expire/no-cache tags at the 
BOTTOM of the page. e.g

<head> expire tags go here </head>

Here's the gory details why:

When IE loads a page into memory, it does not immediately save the page to 
the cache. Therefore when it parses and acts on the expire tags, the page 
is not in the cache to delete!! When the buffer is exceeded, the page is 
written to the cache after the expire tags have been acted on. Therefore, 
you need to add a copy of the expire tags to the end of the page to force 
IE to re-address the cache and remove the file.


Anthony Baratta
Keyboard Jockeys

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