[thelist] Quick poll: Which mock-up would you choose?

Ben Henick persist1_pdx at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 12:48:07 CST 2000

--- martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com wrote:
> Will the cloud theme of #1 work on other kinds of pages?
> I wonder what the KLM branding guidelines have to say about the
> light blue in #1 & #2 - from memory, #3's closest.

My thoughts are very similar to these.  Given appropriate tweaking and
creative direction #1 is most likely to tug at the visitor, but #3 says
'KLM' much more loudly.  And of course the illo/photo of the a/c is
going to be replaced, these are only mockups!

Perhaps there is a graceful way to get the best of both?  It's not
often that you get a clear-cut chance to make both suits and visitors
happy, but it looks like you've got just that opportunity.

Sorry about the delinquent reply... for that, a tip:

<tip type="pixel pushing">
Particularly if you're a Dreamweaver user it can be tempting to let the
tables do all of the heavy lifting.  However, images without align
attributes behave just like text - the bottom of the image(s) is (are)
the same as the bottom of the line of type.

Thus effective use of DIV, NOBR, BR and image attributes - especially
ALT - can serve the same purpose as a table if you slice carefully...

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