[thelist] Eudora/NN6 question

Judah McAuley judah at alphashop.com
Thu Nov 16 13:47:20 CST 2000

I installed NN6 the other day and the only real problem I've seen thus far 
is that Eudora will no longer launch a browser when I click on an http link 
within an email message.  IE 5.01 is still the default handler for html 
documents but, for whatever reason, clicking on a link within Eudora 
doesn't seem to do anything.  No error, but no bringing up the web page 
either.  FYI, I'm using Eudora 4.3.  Any thoughts?


<tip type="ColdFusion 4.5 Scheduler">
When setting up a scheduled task under ColdFusion 4.5, make sure that there 
are no spaces at the end of the url of the page you are trying to 
run.  Everything may look fine, but if there are any spaces, the page will 
be successfully submitted to the scheduler, but the page will not actually 
run.  Remove the spaces, and things automagically work.

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