[thelist] Oh no! Not again...

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Thu Nov 16 14:45:10 CST 2000

> http://www.great-planet.com
> http://www.web-designers.co.uk
> Amazing, isn't it?

hi richard

every time this happens, some people take it upon themselves to flame the 
offending site, thinking they are helping out the person whose site has 
been ripped off

you did not suggest whether you want us also do so this time, or refrain 
while you write them a polite letter and ask them to change their site

remember the time that kid's brother or roommate or whatever innocently 
ripped off the evolt site without his knowing?  the guy almost died of 
embarrassment when he got flamed

please let us know what you want us to do

i have to admit, this looks like another wholescale blatant ripoff

they did change it slightly (be still my heart -- a globe!!) but they 
didn't change the screenshot in the computer screen, eh

p.s. i'm really curious, how did you find them? in a search engine? 


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