[thelist] lasso emergency!

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Thu Nov 16 15:12:34 CST 2000

okay, I figured it out.  Thank god this one was fairly straightforward...

<tip type="decorating with CSS" author="erika">

- try different styled borders around divs, tables, headers.
- you can even make borders around individual links... not a pretty 
sight in NN 4, but kind-of nifty on CSS1 compliant browsers.
- you can make the borders appear, or change, on hover.
- try a patterned background behind a div or header


>okay...  while I am trying to find the answer in the manual...
>I accidentally overwrote the default.html file on our site YIKES! I 
>thought I had a backup, but the way it was backed up was from 
>reading the site code, not the actual code on the files...
>anyway, the default page bumped over to a .lasso page (default.lasso)
>I don't know how to do that!

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