[thelist] Problems printing this page!!

Herzog, Ari Ari_Herzog at Instron.com
Thu Nov 16 15:15:59 CST 2000

Hi all..

I am having problems printing a bunch of pages,
whether using IE or NN, regardless of
the version or screen resolution.

1) In IE (versions 4 and above), the bottom blue bar
does not print, nor do parts of the top and left menus.
In NN, the top and bottom blue sections do print,
while the left menu parts do not print.

2) If this page was 3-4 page-lengths longer,
it would cut off at some point in the middle of the page.

3) Unless your browser's page settings are set at 0.25",
the right margin of the page is cut off.

Can anyone help debug this problem?
Here is a sample page:

Thanks alot,

Ari Herzog
Internet Webmaster
Instron Corporation
Tel:  781-575-5638
Fax: 781-575-5768
Email: ari_herzog at instron.com

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