[thelist] Oh no! Not again...

Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 17:58:13 CST 2000

Michele Foster [michele at wordpro.on.ca] wrote:

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> That is HORRENDOUS.  Hope you've got a screen capture of
> everything on their
> site.

Oh yes...  It's in our "Thieves" folder with the others.

> There's got to be someone you can contact and report this abuse too.  What
> about the company hosting their site?

We always go to the company concerned, their hosts and their upstream

The threat - which we've not had to follow through...yet - is that we'll
join the upstream providers as co-defendants.  The big boys know that the
cost in terms of time *and* lawyers' fees would be horrendous so it's easier
and cheaper for them to pull the plug on the thieves.

> Hopefully your strong words of Take it Down NOW or we'll sue ya,
> will work.

They seem to have done, although we'll monitor as usual.

> How ARE you finding these companies that keep doing this to you?

Luck mostly, some detective work from time to time.

> It is mildly "flattering" .. but, geeze, what a pain for you.

That's the worst of it: the wasted time running them down.  But if your work
buys someone like this work, you'd be even *more* annoyed.

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