[thelist] Paragraphs within lists

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Thu Nov 16 18:11:05 CST 2000

nice post, oliver, you hit the nail on the head 

i dunno what's up with you other folks, a paragraph is a *paragraph* and 
not a spacer -- *of course* <p>'s can appear inside a list item or 
blockquote, in fact they *should*

it should be second nature to produce code like this --


and if it's not, get a new editor   [grin]

another advantage is, those </p>'s give the list items the nice spacing 
that i've seen people try to mimic with two <br>'s

the only time i won't code the <p>...</p> tags is inside <td>...</td>, 
because of the problems with css inheritance -- and <td>'s can be assigned 
separate styles anyway

but oliver, aren't you the same guy that just last week said it was okay 
to have <li>'s without the <ul>?  for shame!!



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