[thelist] cgi script - output

Barret A Monchka bmonchka at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 16 21:08:44 CST 2000

I am having problems with my email form based on a cgi-script.  It is 
actually the Matt's Script Archive script with some editing done to it.  I 
was hoping someone would be able to tell me what parts of the script I 
should look to edit to fix these problems.  The following problems occur:

-The name is not displaying properly in the sender field, instead the
name appears in (brackets) in the msg body.
-The subject is also appearing the body of the msg instead of the msg
-The main comments from the form are named 'requiredcomments' and
that is appearing the body.
-Submit:Submit is appearing in the body of the msg.

Thanks for help,

Barret Monchka

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