[thelist] [Design] Link Color Dilemna

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Nov 16 22:20:03 CST 2000

Hi Matt,

I like it .. tiny scroll bar thing happening at 640x480 .. but nothing is
missing at that res.

I'd be tempted to knock the larger border on the right side down to 100,
maybe even 75 .. unless you plan to use it for a more elaborate purpose.  As
just a design, break up the page idea, narrower would be better.  Plus you
can get the extra pixels needed to make it fit correctly in 640, without
sacrificing any of the content.  Thought about a fluid design?

I like the orange and lighter orange colours.

Have a look at this page, http://www.lynda.com/hexh.html - colours by hue or
this one
colours by value http://www.lynda.com/hexh.html.  Useful in picking colours
our randomly.

Try 0099FF, or 9999FF, 6666CC

Just a few thoughts...

Good luck with it,


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