[thelist] Netscape 6 on Win 2000

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Nov 17 03:36:51 CST 2000

Hi folks,

after a successful install of Netscape 6 on Linux last night (watch out for
an evolt article on installing over a shaky modem on Linx later today on
evolt.org) I thought I should probably have a copy on my work desktop as
well. However despite having downloaded all the files successfully, I cannot
get the beast to install on my Win 2000 machine.

The first time it ran the install, it crashed during the actual install
process with an "error -214 Not Found" (I think!). I FTP'ed up to the site
and fetched down a couple of files it seemed to have missed and ran the
install again against my local copies of the files (having cleaned up after
the first failed install).

This time it installed, but hung when trying to start Netscape itself. I've
tried several different combinations of components (with / without Java for
instance) but I am getting the same results every time. 

Anyone managed to successfully install on Win 2000? Alternatively is there a
known problem I'm not aware of?


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