[thelist] Number of rows per talbe?

Rob Keniger rob at bigbang.net.au
Fri Nov 17 03:42:01 CST 2000

on 17/11/00 7:35 PM, Adrian Fischer at adrian at logo-logic.com wrote:

> Another Friday Night and Im stuck in front of the monitor again...
> In my db I cant seem to insert any more than 101 records.  Is it possible
> that my admin has limited my ablity to insert data?  It is mysql.  Or is
> there a limit built in.  I wouldnt think so. So I keep coming back to to the
> host limiting me.

That's weird. Don't know what could be causing that. What is the data
type/length of your primary key field?

> Oh...and one other thing...with auto increment...if you delete the records
> at the end of the table how come it doesnt start from the now last record
> and start to increment again.  How come it remembers the last number before
> the delete and starts from there.

Because otherwise you would have data integrity issues. If you have used the
auto increment field as a primary key, if you delete a record and then
create another one with the same id then you'll get the wrong data showing

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