[thelist] [Design] Link Color Dilemna

andrew andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Nov 17 04:05:37 CST 2000

Anyway, that blue is really doggin' my style. I had it the same color as the
text before, but that kind of bugged me because that's kind of a usability
no-no (even though links were the only text underlined).

Thoughts *VERY* welcome. Criticise at will. If you don't like the 
layout, tell
me that too. I might as well fix everything that sucks while I'm at it.

Have you tried black / darker grey on white? The other problems I have, 
from a design point of view are: double hypens = no / en dashes = yes

> Matt Warden, Internet Developer -- Resume

Just a design thing, at least, I think so. Also, 'BIO' appears to be 
larger on the two browsers I've used (IE5 / NS6 on Mac). This seems to 
be because you've used <font> tags to describe the type face and size 
for the rest of the header area, but haven't defined the size for 'BIO', 
which is defaulting (on my browsers) to something larger.

Perhaps a table with different background colours (lighter or darker 
depending on which page is being viewed) rather than just a pipe symbol 
(|) separator would be better up in the header area?
I've finally got off my a$$ to "redesign"/cleanup my site. I've run into a
kind of a problem that I'm hoping one of the "design people" can help. 
a reason I work with the backend stuff ;-)

Well, now that you mention it... I'm kind of interested in knowing if 
there are any recommendable software design references available online. 
Specifically: db / php related ones. Design is my background, but 
software design is a completely different (and, I feel, more 
interesting) animal.


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