[thelist] [Design] Link Color Dilemna

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Fri Nov 17 06:14:04 CST 2000

> The other thing you could do is use a different background colour in the
> table cell with all the content, such as white or very pale colour. then use
> black text (or other dark colour - possibly dark orange) and default link
> colours.

Heh. This is exactly what I had before. But, I have our good friend Wolf
helping me out with search engines and the black text on the black background
(even though the table cell background was not black) looks like spam to
search engines and was hurting my ranking big time!

> Why not use CSS to set some hover changes over your text.  I almost expect
> to see hover changes on most web sites, and can be disappointed when they
> don't happen, but that's probably just me ;o). It is good user feedback.

Thanks, Zoe. Wow, I got a great response from thelist. I'll have to add to my
todo list!


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