[thelist] Netscape 6 on Win 2000

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Nov 17 06:44:52 CST 2000

Ah, that would be a reply to the wrong post then! Sorry, that was intended
for Oliver.

Move along please... nothing to see here!

<tip type="Estimating Screen resolution">

When I'm building websites, I like to at least check and see whether a
design works in different resolutions. I use Size-O-Matic from Pythoness
software to alter window sizes with a simple click!



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> Hmmm - do you mean the file in the /sea directory? It wasn't 
> at all apparent
> to me that that would be a complete download. Oh well, let's 
> strike the
> article then :-)
> I've got an article under development that is about som PHP 
> code I've been
> working on. Is there a simple way you can recommend to encode the code
> examples for submitting to evolt?
> .steve


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