[thelist] IE4.x on Win ME

Mark Gregor mark at velir.com
Fri Nov 17 08:01:42 CST 2000


Just did some digging and finally broke down and contacted Microsoft Technical support about the options for getting IE4.x to work alongside IE5.5 on Windows Millennium.  The "option" is  below...thought others on the list might be interested.

It's really crazy that Microsoft doesn't allow this kind of thing.

-----------From Microsoft Technical Support-----------

As you have indicated, IE5.5 on Windows Me cannot be uninstalled because
it is embedded  in Windows Me.  There is no method that can install
IE4.x on Windows Me because there is already a higher version of IE on
your computer.  The Operating System will detect it and not allow you to
install the lower version. 

The only way to get IE4.x working alongside IE5.5 is: if you have
Windows98 or Windows95 which has IE4.x installed on your computer,
upgrade your IE4.x to IE5.5 with the compatibility option enabled. 

You can see the detailed information about it in the following article:

<http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q197/3/11.asp> >

Please notify that this article is only suitable for Windows98,
Windows95 or Windows NT4.0.

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