[thelist] Flash - Center all Layers?

Baker, Nick BakerN at mso.umt.edu
Fri Nov 17 14:48:02 CST 2000

Here'a a flash faq site--the first question relates to positioning.

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BakerN at mso.umt.edu
> I have a Flash movie with about 30 photographs, each on its own layer.  As
> the Flash movie plays, it transitions from one photo to another (not too
> exciting, I know).
> I modified the dimensions of the movie to 1024x768 (the photos
> are 800x600),
> so the photos float on a colored background.  However, the photos are not
> *centered* in the movie, they are left and top aligned.
> My question is this:  How can I center all of the photos, without manually
> changing every keyframe?
> Thanks!
> Mark

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