[thelist] apology

Mike.Hodgson Mike.Hodgson at citywatch.co.uk
Fri Nov 17 19:00:53 CST 2000


Just back from my hols and to my horror, I find my IT dept put a vacation
message on my email account, and as I didn't suspend my evolt subscription,
you probably got loadsa messages letting you know I was sunning myself in
warmer climes.  Many, many apologies.  You have no idea how ashamed I feel.

<tip type="list etiquette">
Going away for a while? Always, always suspend your evolt subscription.
There's an option to do it at http://lists.evolt.org.  This will save you
acute embarrasment and also stop people getting annoyed with you.

<tip type="asp">
Want a quick'n'easy way to display one of your tables using ASP (perhaps for
debugging purposes)?  Try this:
	' ** alter these to match your database

	' ** this just extracts the data and iterates through it
	Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
	objConn.Open "dsn=" & dsn & ";uid=" & uid & ";pwd=" & pwd & ";"
	SQL="SELECT * FROM " & dbname
	Set objRs = objConn.Execute(SQL)

	Response.Write "<table border=1 cellpadding=2>"
	Response.Write "<tr>"

	For I = 0 To objRS.Fields.Count - 1
	Response.Write "<td><b>" & objRS(I).Name & "</b></td>"

	Response.Write "</tr>"

	Do While Not objRS.EOF
	Response.Write "<tr>"

	For I = 0 To objRS.Fields.Count - 1
	 Response.Write "<td>" & objRS(I) & "</td>"

	Response.Write "</tr>"


	Response.Write "</table>"


<tip type="search engines">
Take the time to learn how to use search-engines properly.  Even if you only
use one favourite engine, visits it's "tips" page.  It will save you 10x the
original effort in a very short space of time.

Once again, sorry folks!

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