[thelist] RE: PHP Problem

Michael V. Vladimirov vmv at online.sinor.ru
Sat Nov 18 00:05:46 CST 2000

Hello muinar,

Saturday, November 18, 2000, 12:40:37 AM, you wrote:

m> I recently decided to include the opening tags (php3 opening sql database)
m> of several sites from a shared file.
m> Some day the database quitted its service for some hours, and when I
m> looked at the pages, I was a bit shocked: The error message pointed
m> to the include file, and when I clicked on the URL which was shown,
m> voilà - the include file *with db password* was presented!

Use the extension of php files for includes so the server will parse
them and dont show contents. Also you can put includes in some
directory and put there .htaccess file saying 'deny from all' - it
will be possible to include them (php does not look into .htaccess
files, of course) but impossible to access with browser directly.

Best regards,
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