[thelist] drop down menu - default

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 18 12:37:48 CST 2000

fwiw, i know this isn't a CGI solution, but why not add a value to the 
'select' option?  such as:

<select name="foo" ...>
	<option value="bmonchka at hotmail.com">-Select-</option>
	<option value="biff at buffy.com">biff at buffy.com</a>
	<option value="milk at toast.com">milk at toast.com</a>

after all, you *are* using values in your option tags, right?

> From: "Barret A Monchka" <bmonchka at hotmail.com>
>    I have a drop down menu on my email form to select the recepient of the 
> email msg.  However, If the user forgets to select an email address, I would 
> like to create a default recipient for the email to be sent to me.  By 
> default, I do not mean the first choic in the drop down menu.  The first 
> choice is "-Select-".  Is there any html code that I could use to create a 
> default email address for the form to be sent to.  P.S. The form is based on 
> a cgi-script

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