[thelist] password protection

warren warren at warrenworld.com
Sat Nov 18 14:16:40 CST 2000

I'm on a MAC so the period thing is no problem  :)

I am going to be moving this client to a new host at the beggining of the
year. My "workaround" for this project is to use the existing online folder
the ex-webmaster had already set up for password protection. I am guessing
you have to actually call or e-mail the host to ask them to make the
changes. What a PITA.

Thanks again for all the replies!


> From: Rebekah Murphy <bekah at nightvisions.com>
> Organization: NightVisions.com
>> i've set up .htaccess with FTP only...
>> it ain't as fun, but it is possible...
> One problem with this is if you are using windows it will not allow you
> to name a file starting with "." The way to get around this is name the
> file htaccess.txt on your local drive, then change the name on the
> server after you FTP it.
> -Bekah

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