[thelist] FW: Liquid header problems

JTocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Sat Nov 18 19:13:22 CST 2000

Hi Gina,
Thanks for the info but....
I need the narrowest cell (the sub nav items) to also slide over to the
left. Putting it into one table stops the 'sliding action' with the widest
items - my middle row tabs - not letting the bottom nave items also slide
I've also tried making the entire page the fuchia color but that looks gross
as the page is loading...
ah, me - worked on this many long hrs! with no good solution yet...

on 11/18/00 7:42 PM, you wrote:

> Hi Janice,
> The way I deal with this problem is to put the whole shebang into a 100% wide,
> one row table, this makes the tables behave.
> Try that and see if that works.
> Gina
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> |Hello evolt...
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> |I'm having 'fits' with a header I'm designing for a client site. After
> |reading the excellent article on evolt regarding liquid pages, I've designed
> |the pages to fit within the browser window when the window is wide and
> |condense to a minimum of 600 pixels when the window is narrow.
> |
> |My problem is the header. I need each row to be independent of each other
> |with regards to centering. As the user makes the window narrower, the text
> |and images need to slide over to the left as far as possible and when making
> |the window wider, center in the browser window.
> |
> |All works fine until the user makes the window narrow. Then, because each
> |table contains a different amount of data, scrolling to the right, shows my
> |tables as 'stairsteps' rather than flowing to the right window border as it
> |should.
> |
> |I've tried putting the entire header into its own table, but then the rows
> |don't slide to the left as they need to - they remain centered on the widest
> |portion - the top header.
> |
> |You can see my work in progress at
> |
> |http://serversolutions.com/averra/testing/cm_3.asp
> |
> |tia for any insights!
> |Janice
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