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Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Mon Dec 18 02:56:34 CST 2000

Kyle Smeby wrote:
> > Did you try: <body ...blah blah... style="margin: 0px;"> ? That seems to
> > me a longer term, less hackish, less potentially troublesome solution than
> > fake script tags. I mean, IE5.5 could ignore the <script> tags as a bug.
> >
> > Also - you might consider adding a DOCTYPE to the document, IE5
> > has some peculiarities with certain document types.
> >
> > - Joe
> Actually, I had a script on that page that should have been in the Header
> anyway.
> But again with the CSS.  Like I said earlier I would love nothing more than
> to use CSS, but for right now letting my sites degrade (nicely or badly)
> into NN4, to me, just isn't an option.  So why not just write it once in
> HTML so I know it will work in both browsers (minus pre-exsisting bugs and
> non-standards compliance) instead of doing it first in CSS for modern
> compliant browsers then reworking my code to get things to work respectably
> in the rest of the browsers.

Cool - as long as you *recognize* where you're deviating from the w3c
spec, cool with you, cool with client. This is a nice lighthearted
article that may or may not help you understand what validation is and
why a responsible developer should at least try it:

> I will say again I yearn, wait, bleed, and urinate all over myself waiting
> for the day I can reliably use CSS to at least a decent fraction of its full
> potential, but for now I just don't think they justify the time spent with
> them when added to all the other work-arounds (perhaps with the exception of
> text).

http://www.alistapart.com/stories/fear4/ may assist you with your fear
of style sheets.

> As for this method being "hackish" you're very right it is hackish, but any
> site where the client is paying for all the bells and whistles they can get,
> is so full of hacks and unnecessary garbage just to get as many browsers
> involved as possible, that I don't even bat an eye at stuff like this
> anymore.  Sadly, I think my job becomes more and more about "hacks" and less
> about design with every new browser for all of the platforms.  Although with
> NS6 and Opera things may be looking up.

But then, we're probably stuck with old browsers, yes?

Just some links,

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