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Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
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One thing you may want to check out is the 'Spot Lite' sites at Allaire.com.
We highlight a CF site, about once a month I think, and most are 'large'
projects that _should_ be in the 100k+ range. I know my former company
pretty much only did 100k+ projects and we did many of them in CF.


>From a technological viewpoint, there is nothing about CF that would make it
a bad idea for 100k+ type projects, and there is a lot that would make it
great. Of course, I'm a bit biased. :)

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> Hi all.
> I've been a member of Evolt for a while, and I notice that there
> are a lot
> of ColdFusion developers on the list.
> I'm just wondering if any of you guys can help me out. I'm
> looking for some
> kind of data about the use of ColdFusion in high-end web development
> projects in USA. By high-end, I'm talking about $100,000+ type of
> projects.
> Is CF now accepted as a "proper" enterprise level web development
> platform?
> If my questions sound a little offensive, please... I really don't know
> much about CF and its popularity in America. Here in India, computer
> training institutes / universities have largely concentrated on
> Microsoft/Java platforms and CF has a very small following. Since my
> company provides software services to clients around the world
> (especially
> USA), I suggested that we should also build our CF development
> skills, and
> my boss asked me to gather some data on it. Hence this mail.
> Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I'll even throw in a tip :)
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