[thelist] New Year Resolution

M. Hannan desmoljones at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 18 08:37:08 CST 2000

Oooh, you might wish you hadn't said that....this is like asking "what kind 
of car should I buy" at a car show...or asking a group of college students 
"who's the best band".  Much blood has been shed, 'which Linux distro' is 
the flame topic of the century, i think it even beats out Mac vs Windows.

This being said, were you to search for the "easiest" distro for a newbie, I 
think that the two examples you gave would come out on top.
My personal choice is TurboLinux but Red Hat seems to be the (and I hate to 
say this) 'favored child' at the moment.

Why not try one of each?


>My Name is alan and I use Microsoft.
>My new year's resolution is to move to Linux.
>So the questions are:
>OS - Red Hat or Turbo Linux?
>Server - Red Hat or Turbo Linux?

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