[thelist] Common Fonts

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at Brown.edu
Mon Dec 18 08:40:21 CST 2000

At 4:22 PM +0700 12/18/00, Eric Hehl wrote:
>I read somewhere that the only fonts which are native to both the PC and the
>Mac are Times and Courier.  This was a while ago, so I'm not sure if this
>still holds true or not.
>Would someone be able to offer up any info on this (ie, what fonts are
>native to both the PC, the Mac -- and maybe even a Unix/Linux browser -- at
>least on a majority of systems.)

These days, you can usually get away with Arial, Times, Courier, and 
Helvetica. Quite often people have Verdana as well, as it's a free 
one usually installed with just about any MS product (including 

I have no idea about Linux, but I'm sure someone will chime in soon.

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