[thelist] Do I be nice or attack with legal?

M. Hannan desmoljones at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 18 10:46:03 CST 2000

Have your legal dept. (or lawyer) prepare a cease and desist letter.  
There's precedent for this:



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>Subject: [thelist] Do I be nice or attack with legal?
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>Hi all. It has been discovered several months ago that one of our
>competitors is using
>our patented company name in their keywords, as well as using misspellings
>of our name as well.
>Clearly, this is against the law for search engines.
>My boss is under the impression I, being webmaster, should email their
>and their ISP about it. I feel we should have our corporate attorneys send
>a certified letter.
>Which to do?
>FWIW, we just got a legal letter from THEM about changing something on our
>site as well.
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