[thelist] Site transfer - Hosted on a mac - going on Linux -HELP!

Stef taz at hy.cgocable.ca
Mon Dec 18 11:09:08 CST 2000

  Hi dudes (& dudettes) ! :o)

	Ok. I have a customer that would like his site transfered from a mac 
server   & File-MakerPro DB to . . . a linux+appache+mysql setup.
His site is on a MAC server, & is connected to filemaker pro database.
Now. This is my first site transfer & would be interested in hearing from 
others experience, for any details I could miss out on. Any help / comment 
welcomed, onlist or offlist. I don t have many details as of yet on the 
site itself, what are the scripting languages for a Mac environnement?!?
Would it be easier to just keep the site in a MAC environnement?
I figure if I stay in Mac environnement, I  basically just have to change 
the links, database configuration on the dynamic pages,  pop a redirection 
script on the old host and bingo. 1 days work ? Maybe 2 , if we account for 
Murphy's law?

If, on the other hand we go for the mac to linux option,  I guess THAT 
means re-writing the links in the static pages, re-create DB on mysql & 
update dynamic page configuration. A little more work, but the site would 
be in a PhP/MySql environment, like he desirer.
I'm interested in keeping this customer, & would like to lay out both 
options clearly, the work involved, with pricing fees included for both 
solutions, if possible. I love a challenge but wouldn t want to tackle 
something too big for me. Thanks  again, fellow E-Voltians.

Offline/online help/comments welcomed. stef at cfusions.com

I read an article that changed my way of writing tables. People often 
design tables the way they write: horizontally, from top to bottom. Often 
times your layout can be simplified a great deal by thinking 'vertically', 
and giving your vertical cells fixed width. You still have to follow the 
rules for cross-browser consistancy but.. having a simpler design makes 
this process a LOT easier.


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