[thelist] fusebox and asp?

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Mon Dec 18 13:59:03 CST 2000

>From: Raymond Camden
>I don't think that is exactly what he means. Fusebox is a way of doing
>things, but people mainly use it with CF. Anyway, David, have you tried
>posting on the Fusebox listserv? (I'm not saying don't post 
>here, I just
>want to make sure you know that a fusebox listserv exists. :)

Hi, Raymond --

Yeah, the "way of doing things" is what I was referring to, and no I haven't
tried subbing to the fusebox listserv. I'll look into it...thanks!

I'm still interested in knowing from people on this list, though. :)

>> From: Herzog, Ari
>> I may be off, but I believe Fusebox can work with ASP via WDDX.

Hi, Ari -- *I* may be off, too, but are you thinking of ColdFusion itself? I
know WDDX by name and the place that I've seen it is in the context of
letting an ASP server and a ColdFusion server share information. Fusebox is
a way of building web apps that was developed for use with ColdFusion. See
www.fusebox.org if you don't know what I'm talking about (not that *I* know
what I'm talking about... :)


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