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Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Mon Dec 18 20:40:37 CST 2000

That sounds great. I cringe when Arial is the first choice, but 
second choice with a Mac font in the first choice position works just 
peachy for me.

Thanks for the link, btw. I thought I was the only one waging war 
against Arial as the primary font :)


>here's a page that goes into this problem in quite some detail --
>    Improving Appearance of Arial Font on the Macintosh
>     (Solutions for both Mac Users and Web Developers)
>   http://users.hit.net/~bobbau/platforms/MacArialFonts/
>the solutions for web developers
>suggests that
>     The best choice is therefore:
>              <FONT FACE="Geneva,Arial,Helvetica">
>     This way, the Mac users see Geneva, Windows users see
>     Arial, and UNIX users see Helvetica.
>     As still another option, if you actually prefer the
>     appearance of "Verdana" (another sans-serif font), you
>     might specify:
>             <FONT FACE="Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica">
>     This way, Verdana is used if present (on either Windows
>     or Mac). If not, then Geneva is used on the Mac, Arial
>     on Windows, and Helvetica on UNIX.
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