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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon Dec 18 23:08:28 CST 2000

HI Frank,

For ColdFusion, see http://allaire.com/security, and you can sign up for the
free notification service (which rules) at:

For Microsoft IIS, check out:
which includes some handy utilities you can use to help secure your IIS
installation, etc.

Also, I would check out ANY OS/Software you are using or are thinking about
using here:
Astalavista is a search engine for security-related info.  Note that though
the organization professes to be completely "white hat", or legit, there may
be some links to sites hosted by hackers, skript kiddiez, or other "black
hat" elements, so reasonable caution should be excersized, though ultimately
there's nothing like finding out the latest exploits straight from the
horse's mouth.

There are a number of other security sites out there, notably
http://l0pht.com, and most software used on the Internet will have some
place on the ol' company website specifically dedicated to "security

Hope this helps,


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> Is there are central repository of this sort of thing, with the
> known fixes?
> --

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