[thelist] how the mighty have fallen

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Tue Dec 19 12:34:29 CST 2000

EToys: ding dong the witch is dead.

For all the money they blasted through,
they couldn't build a web site that worked.

Part of me wishes I could be sympathetic...
but then I ask, "why?"

These companies were models of greed, arrogance, and excess.
Good riddance, I say.

It all gives new resonance to Network Solution's motto:
  "The dot com people [TM]"

Maybe they'll be next, eh.


Listen to music while you work.

At 08:13 PM 12/18/00 -0500, you wrote:
>EToys' survival as independent looks slim - Shares fall 70
>percent in a day

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