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Be sure to read the suggestions others have made regarding this. A 
good alternative if you really want Arial as your Windows font is to 
use a Mac-only font first in your choices - for example, font-family: 
Geneva, Arial, Helvetica;

Geneva is a pretty good looking Mac font and will do just fine for an 
Arial replacement on the Mac, Arial will show up on Windows, and for 
those hapless (I'm JOKING :) :) :) ) UNIX users, Helvetica should 
take up the cause.

Good luck,

>Thanks.  This was exactly the type of info I was looking for. Actually, I
>was interested in the font names, but this little nugget of info is
>obviously worth its weight in gold.  Mental-sticky note has now been pasted
>inside my brain.
>For the love of God and all that is readable, please do not use Arial
>if you wish your site to be usable on Macs. (I've said this before
>but I bring it up again because it bears repeating). Any Mac that has
>Arial installed also has Verdana, so you can safely use Verdana
>Why not use Arial? It's too thin and tall and on the Mac at lower
>sizes Arial emboldened does not look any different from Arial
>regular. So those nice bold headlines you come up with? They look the
>same as everything else in Arial.
>So use Verdana, Helvetica, san-serif as your choices if you want to
>be xplatform.
>Thanks! This has been a public service message brought to you by me!
>>These days, you can usually get away with Arial, Times, Courier, and
>>Helvetica. Quite often people have Verdana as well, as it's a free
>>one usually installed with just about any MS product (including
>>I have no idea about Linux, but I'm sure someone will chime in soon.

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