[thelist] ColdFusion search results

Edd Partee edd at vilocity.com
Tue Dec 19 15:18:17 CST 2000

CF Folk:

I have a search results page returned from a Verity collection. If a
file on the search results page is coming from a certain directory, I
want it to load (when clicked) into a specific template. Otherwise, when
clicked, the results links can load normally. I feel like this would be
a job for the IIf function, but I don't know how in the H*** to use the
IIf function. A little help?

visual aid:

collection               search results              when clicked
sub directory 1          page x from sub dir 1       go to page x in sub
dir 1
sub directory 2          page y from sub dir 2       open page y from
sub dir 2 in my template



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