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rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Tue Dec 19 15:47:50 CST 2000

>>>Watch out for the sharks, they might be helpful dolphins
>>I am not!
>That's just what a shark would say!

folks, don't forget a <TIP> (tm) with your, um, low signal-to-noise 

in sql/server you can copy a table with
    select *
       into newTable
       from oldTable
you don't have to pre-define newTable, but i think you have to enable the 
bulkcopy option (sgd, please confirm, you know i aint a dba)
you can also always do it the straight-forward way by first issuing the 
CREATE TABLE statement for newTable, and then using
    insert into newTable
        select * from oldTable
but this will involve row-by-row logging

> (Don't Bother Nothing There)

hi jonathan

that's a hoot, can i steal that? i have a site just like that   ;o)

rudy.ca   (don't bother nothing there)

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