[thelist] javascript with Flash

Adam Slesinger bread_man at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 19 16:57:51 CST 2000


I can't help you with your poblem - but the users at flashkit.com should be 
able to.  Just sign up for their forums, post in the appropriate forum, and 
you'll get your answer soon, i'm sure.  They've helped me with many flash 
questions, complicated and simple.


>From: "John Corry" <webshot at neoncowboy.com>
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>Subject: [thelist] javascript with Flash
>Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 10:12:32 -1000
>At wits end...I have to ask again...
>I'm trying to use javascript to set a variable that flash can use...
>here's what I've got:
>var movie = window.document.movie1 // 'movie1 is the name/ID of my
>object/embed tags
>function set(variableName, value){
>movie.SetVariable(variableName, value);
><body onLoad = "set('pageVar','value');">
>It doesn't even come close to working...and I'm getting upset! Now, even 
>variable creation doesn't work! I'm gettign an error on that line that says
>'movie' is null or not an object.
>I'd really appreciate some help with this. The SetVariable method I'm 
>to use comes from the MM reference at
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