[thelist] JavaScript with Apache Server

Monique Gros monique_gros at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 19 17:22:54 CST 2000

A friend of mine is having a problem and I thought someone might be able to 

Here's the problem:

Do you by any chance know anything about JavaScript
and the Apache Web Server.  I am trying to create a
shared code file in JS on the server

There are several funcitons I have written that I would like to
use in several web pages.  ie:  is_num, is_empty...
These functions will determine if a string is either
empty or if it contains only numbers.  I am using
these to help in form validations.  Rather than have
copies in each html file I would like to have one
'utils.js' file on the server.
This file would be included by the following:

<script src="$PATH/utils.js"></script>

But I keep gettingthe following error:
[Tue Dec 19 13:15:16 2000] [error] (8)Exec format
error: exec of /var/apache/cgi-bin/utils.js failed
[Tue Dec 19 13:15:16 2000] [error] [client]
Premature end of script headers:/var/apache/cgi-bin/utils.js

Any ideas?


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