[thelist] SQL - Correlated Subquery??

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Tue Dec 19 17:55:04 CST 2000

Hi Gang,

I have a table with (at least) three columns;

Region - North America, Europe, Asia

Process completion date - (completed program #6 at) 12/17/00 3:45:00am

Data "as of" date - (data for) 12/16/00 12:00:00am

(The table has - oh - let's say 300,000 records in it.  It is a "processing
history" table.)

What I'd really really like is to return 3 records - one showing me the
maximum "as of' date for each region.

This should be easy, I'm hanging my head, I'm just not getting it!


Ron L.

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