[thelist] javascript with Flash

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Tue Dec 19 19:38:27 CST 2000

>--  Not all browsers let scripts talk to objects

in this case, as highly inflammatory as I know it is...as long as nav/IE 4+
browsers on windows supports it, I'm golden.

>--  Different browsers have different ways of finding objects in the page

So...some logic to rewrite the variabel set function based on browser
appname/appversion might be necessary?

>--  You need to send the object a message it can understand, at a time it
>can understand it
>In your example, triggering the communication in the body.onLoad will
>almost always fail, because the page loads before the objects on the page
>get a chance to load.

Got it...a better idea would be to send the function call via FScommand from
the first frame of the movie...right? I know the value of the variable when
the page is rendered.
I have this script on my page:
<script language="JavaScript">
var variable = 'pageVar';
var value = 'vision';
function movie1_DoFSCommand(command, arguments){
	if ( command == "set" ) {
		window.document.movie1.SetVariable(variable, value);

 and this AS On the first frame of the movie..
fscommand ("set");

I'm desperately trying to 'get it' and it still sin't working...and I don't
have anyone else I can ask.
John Corry

PS - JD, are you interested in a teaching gig? If so, email me offlist

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