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Thanks, I had known that, actually. And Arial doesn't look half-bad 
on Windows. However, Microsoft's type designers took a few days off 
when it came to developing Arial for the Mac. I have no idea why.

I like to use Georgia onscreen as a Times alternative, nice and open 
and readable on both Macintosh and Windows. I used to use Palatino, 
but that's always been an odd creature of a font. I like it in print, 
but not as much onscreen.

Does anyone know a good common UNIX font that we can specify in place 
of Helvetica and Georgia? my san-serif type specs usually run: 
(Geneva), Verdana, Helvetica, san-serif... (I have Geneva in parens 
only to show that I don't always use that one, not in parens in the 
code). My serif specs usually run: Georgia, Palatino, Times New 
Roman, serif

This has been an interesting thread. We've not only gotten into what 
looks good and not, but to some degree why.


>Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers
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>Actually Jacob, there is a serious point here -
>Arial and Geneva are both variations on Helvetica, but are
>tweaked for improved on-screen legibility.
>Helvetica is designed for print use, and isn't very good on-screen.
>Times isn't that good onscreen either, but I don't have an
>alternative seriffed font to suggest.
>Reading material:
>Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works
>(probably the best typography book for non-typographers)
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>Subject:  RE: [thelist] Common Fonts
>Be sure to read the suggestions others have made regarding this. A
>good alternative if you really want Arial as your Windows font is to
>use a Mac-only font first in your choices - for example, font-family:
>Geneva, Arial, Helvetica;
>Geneva is a pretty good looking Mac font and will do just fine for an
>Arial replacement on the Mac, Arial will show up on Windows, and for
>those hapless (I'm JOKING :) :) :) ) UNIX users, Helvetica should
>take up the cause.

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