Customising Dreamweaver (was Re: [thelist] Common Fonts)

George Dillon george.dillon at
Wed Dec 20 09:32:27 CST 2000

> Re: your Dreamweaver tip, surely it would be easier to just delve into the
> html or linked css and edit it manually, rather than editing the default
> font lists or ameding the registry?

I agree that DW doesn't obviate knowing how to edit source code, but for
those times when you *do* (for whatever reason) want to use DW and while
using it you want to set a font in either the html or css, and find that it
allow you to use Geneva, then my tip is what's needed.

> *wonderful* though Dreamweaver's customisation potential is, there's no
> substitute for getting into the code directly.

Well, yes there is... sometimes... otherwise DW would be no use whatsoever,
which clearly isn't the case.

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