Customising Dreamweaver (was Re: [thelist] Common Fonts)

Linda Rathgeber lightly at
Wed Dec 20 09:41:22 CST 2000

Andrew Travers wrote:
> George,
> Re: your Dreamweaver tip, surely it would be easier to just delve into the
> html or linked css and edit it manually, rather than editing the default
> font lists or ameding the registry?
> Without sounding like a Web Grandad (ok, sounding like a Web Grandad!) -
> *wonderful* though Dreamweaver's customisation potential is, there's no
> substitute for getting into the code directly.

I'd have to agree with that one. 

It is incorrect to say that Dreamweaver will only allow you to add fonts
installed on your system to its font list, however. 

In the Properties Inspector, click on the fonts drop down list. Scroll
to the bottom of the list and click on Other. In the Edit Font List
window, type the name of the font you would like to add into the text
field labeled "available fonts." Click on the << button and it will be
added to your list. 

Best regards,
Linda R.
Macromedia Evangelist

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