[thelist] how the mighty have fallen

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 20 10:13:28 CST 2000

i don't think any of us are gloating the way you think we are... but 
we do know that the dot-com blitz has made it hard for some of us 
from two fronts... when they were flying, clients often felt if you 
weren't going to IPO, or you didn't fit the dot-com mold, you 
couldn't know what you were doing... and after the fall, clients feel 
that you are just another hack trying blow their money by 
overcharging them for your parties and press...

their ad campaigns didn't help my business any, but their failure 
certainly has affected it... and thank god i'm not trying to get office 
space in SF...

yeah, i feel bad for many of the people who lost their jobs, but 
probably most of them knew what they were getting into, and if 
they didn't it was from ignorance and possibly greed... i had 
wonderful offers i turned down again and again, and i'm glad i did 
else i'd be unemployed in any one of a handful of cities to which i 
would have moved...

and then there are sites like post-boo and others, where the people 
who directly contributed to the demise of a dot-com somehow wear 
their failure as a badge and expect that alone qualified them to 
work in your shop...

> From: "John Scoot" <john.scoot at virgin.net>
> Whilst you are gloating over the demise of some of the big name dot coms,
> consider the fact that their huge budget advertising sprees raised the
> profile of the web among the general public and, as a result, WE all get
> more business.
> Since the dot coms started falling over, I have lost at least two medium
> size companies who have decided not to bother putting up sites 'because the
> Internet doesn't work anymore'.
> Consider also all the Developers put out of work in the run up to Xmas - I
> see no reason to gloat over others misfortune.
> Here endeth the rant! :-)

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