[thelist] Evolt Site .. Down ?

Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
Wed Dec 20 10:37:55 CST 2000

2 side notes about this -

1) Never turn on the show directory and path option for errors. As you can
see, the error message tells us the path to the webroot:
/home/evolt/main_html/evolt/Application.cfm. This could be a slight security
risk. Well, when I say never I mean never do it on production servers.

2) If your using Application variables, as evolt is to store a query, be
sure you CFLOCK every access to the variable. In this case, even the CFQUERY
tags should be wrapped in a CFLOCK since you will be writing to the

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> Morning folks ..
> Is the evolt site mad at me again or mad at everyone in general?
> Here's the
> error message I'm getting.
> Error Occurred While Processing Request
>       Error Diagnostic Information
>       CFQUERY
>       Cannot register the query named application.topics with Cold Fusion.
>       There are two likely causes of this problem:
>         a.. You are using a CFQUERY tag with a scoped query name. Query
> names cannot be scoped. For example, MyProject.MyQuery is an invalid query
> name.
>         b.. The query was set as the default query for a tag like
> CFLOOP, CFMAIL, etc. However, in the body of the tag this query
> was modified
> or removed. Default queries cannot be modified or removed inside
> the bodies
> of the tags that use them.
>       The error occurred while processing an element with a general
> identifier of (CFQUERY), occupying document position (417:3) to
> (417:99) in
> the template file /home/evolt/main_html/evolt/Application.cfm.

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