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Raymond Camden rcamden at allaire.com
Wed Dec 20 12:15:39 CST 2000

> Does every version of cf work the same (nt, 2000, 4.0, 4.5, linux, etc)
> because the scope in question is an application scope query.  The code
> throwing the error looks like:

In general, yes, I can think of one, or two exceptions, but they are not
related to this.

> Since application scope always exists (since <cfapplication> is run way at
> the top of the file) this query should normally work, unless cf is
> implemented differently on different platforms.  If you look carefully at
> the error message:

Yes, his query should work.

> The error message definitely suggests that scoped query names are not
> allowed.  You may be able to query unscoped then store the query in an
> application variable, but you are not allowed to do it within the
> query tag.

No, I think your wrong. As I said before, you can't create a query name w/ a
scope w/o creating the scope first, but in this case, the Application scope
exists so it should work fine. This should be true even if your running CF

If the admin on this list would like to contact me, I'd love to take a look
at the code and see whats up.

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