[thelist] auction software

Matthew Fischer mfischer at e-fishsolutions.com
Wed Dec 20 12:26:51 CST 2000

I've used EverySoft's on a few sites. It's  open source and we've customized it fairly extensively (and differently) on various sites. 

The download version is OK depending on your needs. It's not the easiest script to go through and customize, but if you have a decent level of understanding of Perl you can use this script as a good starting point to get whatever you want.

They also have an SQL version under development, although I can't comment on that one since we've never used it.

On 12/20/00 at 11:33 AM, talleman at autobex.com (Tab Alleman) wrote:

> I used OpenSite's (now known as Seibel).  
> Hated it.  It's not open-source, so you can't modify the CGI's.  
> need I say more?
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> Has anyone used any auction scripts, free or
> otherwise?  I have looked at several, but my
> preference is a php/mysql  version.  any previous
> experience with any of the following would be much
> obliged!
> http://eza.virtualave.net/as.htm
> http://www.everysoft.com/auction/
> http://www.friedmanconsulting.com/auction
> http://php.resourceindex.com/Complete_Scripts/Auctions/

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