[thelist] Site check please for CSS

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Wed Dec 20 14:15:44 CST 2000

Have you checked this in Netscape 6?
There's your tiny text...

I see your .menu class of <a> tags is 0.6em, that's TINY! I wonder why it
works at all on the browsers it does work on...

Hm, well, I've tried usign ems as a unit, and unless you absolutely have
to...it's probably better not to. I've found pixels to be way more reliable
and accurately sizable.

If you DO use ems, try bumping up the size to at least .9...anything smaller
is impossible to read on  a Mac.

Why the positioned <div>s? You're using tables for the layout anyway, so
since that's a)more relaiable b) works in more browsers c) within your range
of experience, why not just lay the page out with tables?


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> >Hi. Can anyone please check a section of a site just created in CSS?
> >We have been receiving reports of some of the mouseover actions
> >are causing tiny text.
> >
> >URL is http://www.instron.com/ist/
> Macintosh IE 5 it all seems to be working fine - I just checked half
> a dozen pages and didn't get any tiny text.
> Cheers,
> Miraz
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