Customising Dreamweaver (was Re: [thelist] Common Fonts)

John Dowdell jdowdell at
Wed Dec 20 18:25:16 CST 2000

Okay, I'm late to the thread. ;-)

But considering the two topics in the thread name, they share another
connection: you can specify unusual fonts as resizable vector outlines for
headlines and display type through the "Flash Text" objects in Dreamweaver

This isn't suitable for masses of body text, but is good when you have a
header or other large body that you wish to have in a designer font, but
without bulking up the page with GIF files. Dreamweaver 4 includes a small
version of Macromedia Generator, and the text you type in will be turned
into a SWF file, which remains editable during authoring.

(Over 80% of consumers have the Macromedia Flash Player 4 or better, and
well over 90% can view simple Flash graphics. )

Yeah, it's a shill post, but it's still pretty neat, and a lot easier than
reconciling the Microsoft and Netscape versions of embedding font outlines.
Trial version should be up any day now.


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