[thelist] is content still king?

Rachel McAlpine rachel at writing.co.nz
Wed Dec 20 19:22:08 CST 2000

Michael, you wrote:

>I'm currently maintaining a site directed at women.  It's more or less an
>e-zine, with articles, tips, etc.

For a small site like yours, 'women' as a target market sounds
pretty vague, I reckon. (You won't be competing with iVillage.) What
sort of women? Articles and tips on what? Perfume? Makeup? The
smaller your site, the more crucial it is for the content to have
a clear focus.

Sounds as if the funders have put the cart before the horse.
They need a definite niche and a strategy before starting to
sell stuff. If the purpose of the site is to sell makeup and
perfume, the content can be about makeup and perfume.
But first, figure what the purpose of the site is.

Rachel McAlpine


>Am I right?  Do all sites need to go to e-commerce in order to be considered
>'proper'?  Isn't it better to leave this kind of thing to the truly 100%
>e-commerce sites that do things a lot better?  Shouldn't a clear line be
>drawn between the 2 types, and never the twain shall meet?
>Or am I just being pig-headed, because in the end, it's a lot more work for
>Your opinions are welcome.
Rachel McAlpine

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